Annual Membership & Fees

Our yearly membership dues are $60

This includes ONE full year of unlimited access to all of our weekly support group and educational hours (over 40 events). For less than $2 a week you will be receiving unlimited support, education & resources.

We encourage you to join this group of like minded moms that are in your very stage of life-motherhood.  Most of our members are in the pregnancy to preschool aged kids.

If you chose to stop by and check it out, our drop in rate is $5 and goes towards your membership dues if you decide to join the following week!  If you are not a member, childcare is $2/child.

As a member you will receive instant benefits such as free childcare when offered at our events, discounts to several services and stores in our community!

You will also receive over $100 of FREE services as a member when our guest speakers offer you them at our weekly meetings!