Our Mission Statement

Free2Feed is a non-profit organization.  Our mission is to support and encourage women of all ages and stages of motherhood, thru education and love.

Our journey along side a woman begins from the day she becomes a mother, we believe that is at the time of conception.  We offer support by helping he feel confident in their ability to nourish her baby physically and emotionally thru breastfeeding, which seems to be the first common motherhood support that a woman might engage in.  We meet each week to answer breastfeeding and other mothering questions.  It is a casual, fun and positive atmosphere.  All women are welcome: pregnant, nursing, those interested in nursing and experience mothers.

Free2Feed does not offer only breastfeeding support, we are a motherhood support group that desires to educate the women in our community to be well rounded and informed mothers. We initially began as a breastfeeding support group, hence the name, but have since evolved with the needs of our members.  Many moms over the years have weaned their babies and had a desire to stay a part of our weekly support gatherings.  So the name remains the same, so that we can emphasis the importance of when the support is most needed, in early motherhood during the breastfeeding months, but the concept of who Free2Feed is has become a motherhood support group that encompasses all aspects of our walks for the first few years as moms.

We often bring in guest speakers each week to help educate and encourage our moms.  Our speakers have talked about pediatric chiropractic care, the child immune system, constipation in kids, ear infections, baby massage, mommy & me yoga and baby sign language, attachment and speech development just to mention a few!  In the past we have covered topics such as (but not limited to) baby carriers, cloth diapering, introducing solids, sleep training, smoothie recipes and essential oils. We have also had healthcare professionals such as Midwives & Doulas teach about the natural birthing process, water births, VBACs and Placenta Encapsulation. F2F has had many health care professionals educate us on healthy eating, proper nutrition and exercise as well as the emotional healing process, hormonal balance and the common changes of a postpartum life.

F2F began as a breastfeeding support group, evolved to a motherhood support group and now in 2017 we have extended our wings to embrace fathers as well.  Once a month we offer a Parent Support Group that provides mothers and fathers with an hour of support and an educational hour from 6-8pm.

F2F was founded on April 5th 2013 with 6 pioneer moms, we now have helped over 3000 mothers in our community! We have had pregnant Moms come to us to learn the ropes before baby arrived, and later a F2F member was able to assist them in the latching on process at the hospital just hours after birth. We offer home cooked meals to recently postpartum new Moms while they settle in at home. We welcome each new Member with a gift and a promise to be their support no matter their need. We have had Moms of twins, Moms who have tandem nursed, Moms who stopped lactating and desired to restart as well as Moms who weren’t able to produce enough milk but desired the bonding experience so we supported them as they used means such as a Lactaid.

We respect how long or how short your breastfeeding journey might be and also welcome all women no matter their origin or faith.

So as you can see we are so much more than just a breastfeeding group and this is why we have recently added the words “Motherhood” to our support title.  We support the mother thru all of their stages of life those first few years of motherhood.  Those who are formula feeding we provide them resources in helping find the right one for their baby and embrace them along their journey as well.  We have partnered with Intermountain Healthcare as they incorporate our information in their child-birthing classes and every woman who gives birth there is made aware of the support we offer. We desire to normalize breastfeeding in our community and be an example to our country so that it would some day be accepted by all and so that women would feel free to feed their babies in any circumstance, public or private.

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