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F2F Volunteer Staff:


Aditi Aromi
Certified Lactation Education Counselor
Founder & CEO


“Many people ask me how Free2Feed came to be….. I can share with you that the idea formed by my actions & needs, but it exists & continues, and grows, because of amazing woman who attend & lead it!

In 2010 when I was pregnant with my first baby, I was so excited and committed about exclusively breastfeeding.  After 10 years of marriage,  I finally got pregnant and this was nothing shy of a miracle.  Our baby girl was born during the hot summer and she was just perfect! While still at the hospital I was having difficulties latching her on.  As it turns out, they had a Cranial Sacral Therapist making rounds, she worked on my little one while we chatted about life.  After two 30 sessions back to back, the nerve that had been pinched and causing her not to open widely for the latch, was released!

Then the pain hit…..my sore nipples, from repeatedly trying to get her latch on and having many incorrect attempts.  Fears began to creep into my mind; “this might not work and I might not have enough milk.”  I was struggling to latch my baby on and struggling to keep my goal alive–a fear that is oh so real, for many new moms.

The lactation specialists at my hospital (back in the Midwest) would not let me leave their presence after she was born until I felt confident about latching my baby on.  They told me about a breastfeeding support group that met weekly right there on the 2nd floor of the hospital, it was led by a lactation consultant.  I began attending the following week.

My dream flourished and I am proud to say that after two years of attending that group, my breastfeeding journey with my baby girl was a miracle and the most amazing experience next to her birth!

Our family relocated to St. George in the summer of 2012 and not even a month later we found out that we were expecting….again!  You got it, I picked up the phone and began to search for the local breastfeeding group here in town, and behold there wasn’t one.  So that is when I started setting up the foundation for Free2Feed.  Our first meeting was held the morning that I went into labor, on my actual due date!”











Sarah Clark

Doula & Lactation Support

“I had a dear friend recommend free2feed to me and I started attending when my baby was about two months old, let’s just say I became a regular (he’s nearly two now!) I was so happy to be around moms in similar situations as me, first baby, similar qualms, and similar interests. It was great to get advice from experienced moms as well.

I had planned on breast feeding before my baby was born. I didn’t really have a goal but I figured I would just go with it. I’m happy to still be breastfeeding my almost two year old and glad to be apart of this group that makes me feel normal for doing so.

I love being apart of the free2feed family and I have felt so welcome since the first day I came to a meeting and Aditi helped me take off my sandals while I was holding my baby and my huge diaper bag. I hope I can make everyone feel as welcome as I felt that day.

For now I come and enjoy the company, make a new friend, and ask for advice when I need it. I love to volunteer when free2feed has events and bake whenever goodies are needed!”











Dayna Player-Robinson

Marketing Leader

” I am lucky to be married the best husband ever – Jeremy. We have been blessed with 3 wonderful, full of energy boys. They keep us very busy. We love it! I am a very strong believer in breast feeding, as my first son saw diagnosed with a rare disease (and many food allergies) shortly after I stopped breast feeding him. I nursed him 9 months, which I thought was really good for working full time outside the home. But my mom-brain blames myself for not nursed him longer. That was likely his healthiest time he will ever be in his life. So after that I committed to nursing my next babies for at least a year. It is really not easy working full time and nursing, but I know it is worth it and have learned allot from it.
I am an Exercise Physiologist, I manage Intermountain Healthcare’s Acceleration Sports Training program. With that being active job, I had to find a supportive bra that was also allowed me to pump and nurse as needed. Which is why I started my own business My Fit – Custom Bras (www.myfitcustombras.com), I sell custom fit nursing, active, and daily wear bras. I know these bras have truly helped me be able to breast feed my babies as long has I have.
I love being part of the Free2Feed group and everything they do to help women be the best mom they can be.”










Jacklynn Tinnin

Events Coordinator







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