F2F Recap 5.7.14

Thank you so much to Keesha Darrington, what a fabulous guest speaker! We learned about how she works with energy to heal emotional problems that stem from how we view ourselves. She uses muscle testing, chakras and tapping to mention just a few techniques. Please feel free to contact her directly (if you are interested in setting up a personal 1 on 1 session for 30 or 60 minutes, or join a group session.

_MG_0363We would like to welcome Brandi Honey and her little baby girl Klari.

We discussed our summer schedule today, we will have a few more guest speakers and then July & August will be weekly gatherings with NO guest speakers until September. There will be a few weeks in June where we will meet in a different location due to Premier Dance Center occupying their space for Dance Workshops. We will keep you posted when these days will be.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!


Keesha Darrington and Engergy Work

My name is Keesha Darrington. I have always been interested in the way people connect with others and the events in their lives.  In short, I’ve always wondered why people do the things they do?  I started pursuing my interests in my early twenties when I worked for a troubled youth program. I worked with teens that society had given up on.  I saw how misguided thoughts or mismanaged emotions of teens would take control of their lives and push them to do things that didn’t make sense to well, anyone else. After one year I started volunteering at a suicide hotline. I would take calls from people that were about to give up on life and were looking for one last connection. I was able to be the voice for them on the other line.   During this time I started to pursue a bachelors degree of psychology from UVU. I also started volunteering at a Rape Crisis Center. I supported women that had recently been attacked, help them cope, and take the next steps in their lives. Later, I served an LDS mission where I helped people find a connection to God. Shortly after I completed my mission I was married to my amazing husband Brandon and became a mother of 2 beautiful boys. Two years ago I was introduced to Energy work and I have worked to be certified as a facilitator and an instructor. Energy work has answered for me the many questions that have come up through my past experience with suicide prevention, troubled youth, coping with trauma, connecting with God, being a mother, and becoming my best self.

What is Energy Work?  It is a method of discovery. It is used to find broken or blocked connections between people and the perspective they have of their lives. Everything and everyone in this universe is made of energy.  We are all connected and we communicate through our beliefs and emotions.  If we change our thoughts, we can change our lives.  We are designed to have clarity, purpose, and meaningful connections.  The change that we desire is already in us, we just need to learn how to use it.  Energy work is a compass on the journey to becoming our best self.

As an energy coach I assist in helping others find and clear their negative, unsupportive energy, beliefs, and emotions.   We detect this energy through numerous techniques such as generational work, birth clearings, intuition, and muscle testing.  Once we have discovered the core issues we reframe the issues using visualizations, empowerment exercises, positive affirmations, and meditation and so on..  And really, these are a lot of big words for simple ideas.  The point is, as soon as you become aware of what the “real” problem is, you can change that problem. I am a “professional finder” and you become a “professional creator”  because as soon as you start to recognize what’s limiting you, you will be able to create a new world that supports and uplifts you.  It’s my goal to guide you in the finding, teach you how to reframe unsupportive ideas and emotions, and support you as you practice these new ways of living.  In the end you will find long lasting results because the change came from within you.  We all have the capacity to be great, it’s simply finding it within us!


F2F Recap 4.30.14

What a great way to start off the warm weather months! We had a wonderful Smoothie demonstration yesterday thanks to our Culinary Mom, Michelle Joines. If you would like the recopies to the Green Drink and the Fruit Smoothie please visit Michelle’s blog for more info on her nutritious ways

There will be some dates in June that F2F will be gathering at the St. George Library so please look for that when we announce it. We will also be taking July & August off of having Guest Speakers and simply be meeting weekly to enjoy the summer months.

We would like to welcome our newest Mom-to-be, Laura Norman is due mid July and came to us from her midwife, Cindi Johnson. We would also like to welcome Ashlye Blake and 1yr old sone Ezra, they were just walking by while waiting for her daughter to finish dance class, we welcomed her in and she stayed to enjoy the Smoothie Class (Ironically she just bought a new blender the day before!)

Looking forward to seeing you all next week, Keesha Darrington will be working with Energy and demonstrating how to clear negative, unsupportive energy, beliefs, and emotions.   She detects this energy through numerous techniques such as generational work, birth clearings, intuition, and muscle testing.  Once she discovers the core issues we reframe the issues using visualizations, empowerment exercises, positive affirmations, and meditation and so on. It is going to be a healing gathering so do miss it!