F2F Recap 6.4.14



Dr. Gibson spoke to us about a childs immune system. What an amazing opportunity to be filled with so much information by such a gifted doctor in such a little amount of time. Thank you Dr. Gibson. His practice is located at 494 E Tabernacle
Saint George. He is currently accepting new patients and works as a family doctor and Pediatrician, children under 5 can be see at no charge as long as one of the parents is a paying patient. I recently took my 3 year old daughter to him for constipation like symptoms and after examining her, he adjusted her sacrum and that evening she successfully had a bowel movement! She was so excited, she cried out of joy and said “the doctor fixed me!”.

I have emailed all of our Mom Members his audio recording (that was professionally done) of the lecture he gave at F2F this past Wednesday.

We look forward to next week, June 11th, we will have several F2F Mom Members share their natural dental hygiene regime with us.



Dr. Gibson

Dr. Gibson has distinguished himself as one of the leading experts on restorative neurology and nutritional neurophysiology. His medical training began in Japan and has taken him around the world. Earning doctoral degrees and totaling more than 8000 hours of formal medical training, Dr. Gibson is one of the most unique physicians you will ever meet. He pioneered some of the best sports nutrition protocols in the world while working with Olympic and professional athletes. Dr. Gibson has spoken to audiences around the world and authored numerous works on neuroscience and integrative treatments. His many patient education papers have been a favorite source of Health and Wellness information to the thousands of patients that he has helped over the years. Dr. Gibson successfully treats a wide variety of health problems naturally and effectively. His focus on clinical neuroscience and nutrition provides the perfect blend of natural therapies and modern science. A continual study of science and medical research keeps him on the cutting edge of technology and treatment options so that patients may always have the best in evidence based care. Real results and real health for: diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, depression, fatigue and a wide variety of neurological disorders. He has treated active duty soldiers and disabled military veterans free of charge for his entire career. He truly cares about his patients and donates a significant portion of his services to those in need. Be Healthy On Purpose, NOT By Accident.