F2F Recap 4.30.14

What a great way to start off the warm weather months! We had a wonderful Smoothie demonstration yesterday thanks to our Culinary Mom, Michelle Joines. If you would like the recopies to the Green Drink and the Fruit Smoothie please visit Michelle’s blog for more info on her nutritious ways

There will be some dates in June that F2F will be gathering at the St. George Library so please look for that when we announce it. We will also be taking July & August off of having Guest Speakers and simply be meeting weekly to enjoy the summer months.

We would like to welcome our newest Mom-to-be, Laura Norman is due mid July and came to us from her midwife, Cindi Johnson. We would also like to welcome Ashlye Blake and 1yr old sone Ezra, they were just walking by while waiting for her daughter to finish dance class, we welcomed her in and she stayed to enjoy the Smoothie Class (Ironically she just bought a new blender the day before!)

Looking forward to seeing you all next week, Keesha Darrington will be working with Energy and demonstrating how to clear negative, unsupportive energy, beliefs, and emotions.   She detects this energy through numerous techniques such as generational work, birth clearings, intuition, and muscle testing.  Once she discovers the core issues we reframe the issues using visualizations, empowerment exercises, positive affirmations, and meditation and so on. It is going to be a healing gathering so do miss it!

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