F2F Recap 3.26.14

Hello Ladies,
What an exciting week we have planned next Wednesday!  We will be celebrating F2F’s 1st Birthday!
F2F will be meeting from 11:30-2:30 at Cottonwood Cove off of S Dixie Dr.
This is a Potluck Lunch, so I will be calling everyone to see who’s coming and signing up for either sweets, sides or main dishes to pass.  There will be plenty of food and fun activities which makes for a great place to invite your friends and family to join us!
Yesterday at F2F we discussed low milk supply and ways to up it.  Lowering stress levels, increasing liquids for Mom, making sure your calorie intake is more than your output, besides drinking Mother’s milk, supplementing Fenugreek capsules (3 morning, 3 afternoon and 3 evening).
Some Moms talked about toddlers and introducing Whole Milk at 1 years old.  What is the reason why doctors push this and what is best for baby.  We discussed other options such as Coconut, Rice or Almond milk which have similar Calcium and Vitamin D sources as Cow Milk, staying away from Soy which have growth side effects and can alter the height of a child.
Also, we talked about introducing solids to a six month old that has teeth & shows interest,  but Mom was worried he wouldn’t be interested in breast milk if she gave him solids.  We shared about BF before solids, then after he ate again.
If anyone has any questions or concerns through out the week please don’t hesitate to call me!  See you all at the park!!

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