Some of the topics that we educate on include:

Writing Your BirthPlan

Breastfeeding Covers

Baby Wearing


Essential Oils

Baby Sign Language

Cloth Diapering

Favorite Parenting Books

Baby Led Weaning & Introducing Solids



Bradley Method

Natural Cleaning Agents

Natural Dental Hygiene

Potty Training

First Aid Basics 101

Infant Swim

The Magical Hour- 60 minutes after birth

Picky Little Eaters

Breast Care Clinic

Attachment Parenting

How to wean a baby

Nipple Confusion

Breastfeeding Intro Class 101

Placenta Encapsulation

Mommy & Me Yoga

Belly Dancing with Baby Carriers


Baby Immune System

VBAC & Water Births

Natural Birth Panel

Custom Bra Fittings

Pediatric Constipation

Sleeping solutions

Bed Sharing/Co-Sleeping

The Magical Hour

Strong Willed Kids

Developmental Screening

Attachment Parenting

Extended Breastfeeding

Co-Sleeping and Bed Sharing

Car Seat Safety

Cranio Sacral Therapy


Foot Zoning

Marriage After Children

Infant Sleep

Breastfeeding & Attachment

Meeting the Midwives

Hospital Birth Suite options