Updates 2.25.2015






We are so excited for our two new support locations!

Free2Feed of Hurricane meets at the Public Library every Friday from 11:00-1:00.  This gathering is led by 3 Lactation Leaders, Samantha Sadlier, Desiree Irvine and Brenda Fischer.  They enjoy social hour with Mommy & Tot time until 11:45 and then break into a topic discussion around Noon until 1:00.  Starting February 27th, F2F of Hurricane will be hosting a 4 week series titled “The Little Picky Eater”- helping moms understand why their toddler won’t eat anything or develops a taste for only 4 items and refuses anything else.  Guest speakers will help us understand why this happens and how we can avoid it for the following child.  There is hope!

Free2Feed of Mesquite meets at the Bunkerville Community Center in Bunkerville, NV every Wednesday from 9:30-11:30.  This gathering is led by 2 Lactation Leaders, Trish Olsen and Ashley Manson.  They will be focusing on the “Magical Hour” talks about the importance of the first 60 minutes after birth and how important it is for the success of your breastfeeding journey.

Free2Feed of St. George is meeting every Monday from 9:30-11:30 at Luther Hall, 244 S. Valley View Dr. in St. George.  This group has several Lactation Leaders, Aditi Aromi, Sarah Clark, Tori Fotheringham, Katie Johnson, Danalee Dial & Katherine Spelta.

Thank you for spreading the word about Free2Feed.   There is support for all mothers here in our community.  We offer education on nutrition, health, exercise, and we give freely support to every woman during all of the stepping stones of her motherhood journey.

Free2Feed begins with Breastfeeding support and then goes way beyond it.  Come join us, its a place to belong the first few years of Motherhood!


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