F2F Recap 4.23.14

Raw Milk….a great thanks to Chantel from Real Foods Market in St. George! She educated us on the benefits of Raw Milk, the myths, the facts and by the end of the hour, we were all ready to buy a gallon! Except its available on Thursdays ūüôā

We had a great gathering, the famous Amber Teething necklace was discussed. We had Linda Hill, our Health Dept. Lactation Specialist come and visit, she brought in info on WIC’s income chart, and let us know that as of next year the income will be changing again, so more people will be able to apply for WIC. I have that info if you are interested.

Have a great week and look forward to catching up with everyone next week on April 30th at 11:30. We will talk about F2F summer plans as the nicer weather approaches. Also, come join us to relax and enjoy our BF Q&A period with Michelle Joines, an amazing Mom of 3 boys that has a gift for natural cooking techniques. Ever wonder what creative ways you could get green veggies down your children’s mouths? She will be demonstrating how to make smoothies- just in time for warm weather! Yummy and nutritious. Samples will be given so be prepared to learn and have fun!


F2F Recap 4.9.14

What a great week, thanks to all who came and supported each other! ¬†There were some BF issues that came up and were discussed. ¬†Has your baby ever been on a “Feeding Strike”? ¬†I know that mine has, one Mother experienced it this week, and it is not fun. ¬†She was left confused as to why her baby didn’t want to eat and even felt rejected and hurt by this little ones refusal of the breast. ¬†Upon talking about it many shared that this is normal, due to many reasons….excited about milestones, not hungry, personality kicking in, and even gum soreness due to teething. ¬†We also talked about how to wean from a nipple shield, this is difficult. ¬†Often a baby needs a shield for the first few latches, but sometimes they get so used to it that a Mom is still using it for months into their BF journey. ¬†So how do you go about weaning from an object that brings comfort and ease with eating? ¬†Some shared to just offer the breast with no more shield, and eventually baby will latch, this was an extreme way. ¬†But comfort came to our struggling Mom when she heard to try EACH feeding FIRST without the shield and then offer it if there was no success. ¬†Also try it without during midnight feedings when baby is groggy and not focused on it.
A great “Thank You” to our lovely Midwife Camile Wilcox and her Mother, Vickie Sorenson. ¬†What a great “Breast Care Clinic” we had on Wednesday, it was so informative and they are both excellent educators. ¬†For more information or to get a hold of them feel free to visit their website¬†

They covered an alternative to Mamograms is Medical Breast Thermography, she has $50 off coupons if you are interested or want more info please visit¬†We also discussed an alternative to deodorant and antiperspirants which have aluminum in them and are toxic to our breast tissues. ¬†A great way to fix up your own batch of deodorant is coconut oil, lavender essential oil and arrow root powder with baking soda. ¬†I have also personally used doTERRA’s Clary Sage roll on and followed it up with a non-aluminum natural deodorant stick (which by itself does not work).

If you are interested in notes from this event, please email us




F2F Recap 4.3.14

IMG_3749What a fabulous turn out last Thursday to celebrate F2F’s 1st Birthday! ¬†Thank you to all who came, what delicious food and a fun day at the park! ¬†Lanie did an amazing job on our Birthday Cake….the inside had like 6 layers and each one was a different color!

F2F meets this Wednesday April 9th at our normal location (Premier Dance Center- 1495 S Black Ridge Rd.) from 11:30-1:30. ¬†Our guest speaker will be Camile Wilcox, don’t miss her “Breast Care Clinic”. ¬†See you then!


F2F Recap 3.26.14

Hello Ladies,
What an exciting week we have planned next Wednesday! ¬†We will be celebrating F2F’s 1st Birthday!
F2F will be meeting from 11:30-2:30 at Cottonwood Cove off of S Dixie Dr.
This is a Potluck Lunch, so I will be calling everyone to see who’s coming and signing up for either sweets, sides or main dishes to pass. ¬†There will be plenty of food and fun activities which makes for a great place to invite your friends and family to join us!
Yesterday at F2F we discussed low milk supply and ways to up it. ¬†Lowering stress levels, increasing liquids for Mom, making sure your calorie intake is more than your output, besides drinking Mother’s milk, supplementing Fenugreek capsules (3 morning, 3 afternoon and 3 evening).
Some Moms talked about toddlers and introducing Whole Milk at 1 years old.  What is the reason why doctors push this and what is best for baby.  We discussed other options such as Coconut, Rice or Almond milk which have similar Calcium and Vitamin D sources as Cow Milk, staying away from Soy which have growth side effects and can alter the height of a child.
Also, we talked about introducing solids to a six month old that has teeth & shows interest, ¬†but Mom was worried he wouldn’t be interested in breast milk if she gave him solids. ¬†We shared about BF before solids, then after he ate again.
If anyone has any questions or concerns through out the week please don’t hesitate to call me! ¬†See you all at the park!!

F2F Recap 3.19.14

F2F had another eventful week!!  Kelly and I visited TLC (The Learning Center) for Families on Monday.  We were asked to speak at their employee meeting that had over 30 ladies in attendance.  These employees work along side many young pregnant mothers-to-be and were so excited to hear about what F2F has to offer!  

A special thanks to Keevin & Rachel from doTERRA Essential Oils, they taught a great class today! ¬†We had an amazing turn out, thanks to all who came. ¬†We want to welcome a few new Moms that joined us today….

Laurice Seely brought Carson, this baby boy was almost 10 weeks old.  McKenzie Berger had 6 month old Archer and her 3 year old Tristan.  Karina Adams visited us with Melody who is 10 months old and Alina who is 3 years old.  Elaine Page was there with precious little Ellenore who was only 2 weeks old and also has Alexis who is 4 years old.  Marisa Robinson has visited us before with Harmony who is almost a year! And Malea Holm who is pregnant and expecting in June also has a 6 year old boy. Welcome!

It was a busy gathering today, a bit more hectic than normal. ¬†I hope you were all able to learn some thing new, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call me directly regarding oils. ¬†We took a great group picture, thanks for posing Ladies, you all look like models!

I will be emailing you all about our F2F Birthday party that is scheduled for April 2nd. ¬†We plan to meet at a park close to our normal location and eat lunch together “Potluck style”, there will be a sign up sheet next week for a dish to pass , it should be tons of fun we can’t wait!

I am also looking for someone who has Publisher on their computer so that I can jump on it and create a F2F brochure for the Hospital, shoot me a text if you can help.

Have a great week Ladies, love on those babies and we shall see you next week!


F2F Recap 3.12.14

The Spring is definitely in the air, sure hope everyone is having a great vacation week!
F2F had a wonderful week, it started off with Kelly and I taking bagels over to the nursing staff at the hospital on Saturday morning- It was such a success!  We met the head doctor of the NICU and one of the most well known pediatric doctors in town!  Lets just say they both are very well informed that F2F exists and all about what we do!  The nurses from Labor & Deliver, NICU and Mom & Baby units all enjoyed breakfast on us as we educated them on the mission of our support group!
Todays gathering at F2F was such a wonderful experience! ¬†Thanks to Cathy from Barefoot Montessori,¬†she did a fabulous job of demonstrating and sharing with us the unique learning methods that Maria Montessori developed! ¬†If there is any questions that you might have please don’t hesitate to email Cathy directly¬†
We had a few questions today regarding  gassy babies and gasping or wheezing during feedings.  We discussed ways to resolve this with Gripe water and other effective ways.
Monday March 17th is our weekly Mamas Hiking Group, we will be meeting at The Gap Trailhead in the Artesia neighborhood off of Snow Canyon Pkwy.  We meet promptly at 11:30 and usually take 90 mins to hike the trail, you will need baby carriers as it is not stroller friendly.
Next week¬†we will have a husband and wife team, Teisha and Keevin Hinton teaching on¬†Essential Oils¬†and their magnificent healing powers, especially for baby and Mama, so don’t miss out! ¬†She always brings give aways so see you then!

F2F Recap 2.19.14

IMG_3385Hello Ladies!
What a wonderful turn out yesterday as we wished Shelley & Opal farewell with such delicious treats, thank you Kelly & Sarah!
We are so¬†proud to welcome 4 NEW MOMS¬†that joined us this week! ¬†Anna Mae brought her darling daughters Rosaline & Savy, Kristle had the adorable 15 week old Adrian, Veronica joined us with 5 yr. old Lucas and Tahina was accompanied by 5 mo. old Matthew. ¬†We welcomed them all with our¬†new F2F Mom Gift. ¬†We replaced the Tea Cup with an¬†Emergency Pak (9 Fennel Greek supplements, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea & Mother’s Milk Tea)¬†just incase you feel your supply is low!
Next week on Wednesday February 26th we will be discussing the topic of “Covering while Breastfeeding”, there are several Moms who feel uncomfortable and gather comfort from covering up. ¬†With a few NEW Moms joining our group I thought it would be nice to share with them what successes we have had with some covers and which ones to stay away from. ¬†So¬†PLEASE everyone who HAS a cover (whether you use it or not) bring it¬†on Wed!
Looking forward to seeing you all then!

F2F Recap 2.12.14

Hello Beautiful Moms!
Great turn out for our Mamas Hiking Group!  If you are interested in having a reminder text sent to you for our MHG each Monday please let us know!
What a joy to have another two new Moms join our group!  Please help me welcome Brandi with her adorable 4 month old twins Lux and Emma as well as DeAnna and 3 year old Landen!  We are so glad you found us!
We would like to congratulate Lacee as our newest Mom!  Preston Warren Perkins was born on 2-11-14 at 4:19 am weighing 6lbs 6oz and 19 inches long.  She is home and both her and baby are doing well.
One of the suggestions that came in yesterday, at F2F on our Questionaire of how we can be more helpful, was to make a home cooked dinner for Moms after they deliver.  This was a great idea!  I will be in contact with Lacee and see if we could bring her meals all this week and into the weekend, please email me back if you are available to cook for her & her family.
What a great start to 2014 with amazing speakers that we have had!  We have some guest speakers on the books for the next few weeks scheduled, an Essential Oils class as well as a Natural Healthcare professional to talk to us about emotional stress and how it can effect us, as well as ways to cure our emotional imbalances.  We hope to have a Yoga representative come show us how we can still do Yoga with a baby and the importance of Meditation.   We will also be holding a Pregnancy workshop for all of those soon to be Moms that you know, so start inviting them for things to come!
We are however in need for more upcoming speakers, so if you know anyone who can come and teach us as it relates to Motherhood, health, babies, relaxation etc. please email me your leads.
Have a wonderful week and we shall see you on February 19th at 11:30!