Downtown Farmers Market 8.9.14

Thank you once again Sarah Clark and Karen Allen for your support and help at the Downtown Farmers Market this past Saturday.  It was a huge success, we were able to share with people about our organization, car decals were handed out to about 6 breastfeeding enthusiasts and we met 3 new Moms!  Please welcome Jessica Main and 6 month old boy Knox, Emily Creason and 2 1/2 year old Piper and Rachel Federman with 6 month old darling Mara.  
Brittney Callister, Katie Johnson and Elizabeth Shelley- thanks for coming to visit our booth 🙂
For those who missed it and want to help us next time, we will be setting up on September 20th from 7:30am-Noon.

Shelley & Opal’s update

Shelley & Opal. Their story.

It was March 2013 and I was 8 months pregnant. I remember many highlights during my pregnancies, one of them was Prenatal Yoga, where I met Shelley. After I got F2F up and running, one of our first new Moms was Shelley with her precious little Opal. She came to us as a referral from Linda Hill and the WIC Breastfeeding Support group that meets monthly. Shelley had a unique situation and require more support than the Health Dept. had to offer. So she joined F2F.

You see, several years prior to getting pregnant she had had a breast reduction. During that surgery they removed a majority of her mammary glads creating complications with lactation process. Breastfeeding was something that she felt was very important for her and Opal, and she would not give up until it worked!

For Opal, BF has always been so much more than just milk and food. It has been a bonding experience with her Mama. With the help of a Lactaid (a small bag that contains either formula or breastmilk and then connect to a tiny little straw like mechanism) Shelley was able to breastfeed Opal way beyond her 6 month goal.

She came religiously to F2F never missing a week. Recently her family left St. George and relocated back to California where she is originally from. Mama and baby are doing well. Opal thriving in her new environment and loving the freedom of walking. Shelley found a Moms group that meets and supports her where we left off.

Congratulations Shelley on your Breastfeeding Journey! Thanks for letting us be a part of it, you have been such a inspiration to us!