What’s New This Year at F2F…..

We are super excited about this coming year!
“Free2Feed is committed to support and encourage women of all ages and stages of motherhood thru education and love!”
We are a holistic based non-profit organization that believes that by empowering the mothers in our community, they can in turn care for their loved ones, more specifically, their children.
Check out our website at www.free2feed.org for all future events this year.
Whats new?
*Each month we will be hosting a FREE Breastfeeding support group.  This gathering will have a topic that relates to breastfeeding education.  We will then open up the group to discuss and answer any breastfeeding questions mothers may have.  It will be led and taught by a Certified Lactation Education Counselor.  The other weeks of the month we will continue to offer motherhood topics of discussion and guest speaking events. 
*Many of you have asked about breastfeeding education and where to find it.  Free2Feed will also begin to offer an in depth 2 hour Breastfeeding Education Class for pregnant women.  This is to be taken BEFORE baby arrives and a significant other may attend for FREE!
*This year, due to a high demand, we have added “Moms Play Date”, an evening away from the kids.  A night off if you will.  They will be scheduled every month or so as several different locations around town.
*We have also added a Pre-School play date (ages 3-5) as well as regular Toddler Time (crawling-age 2).  These will take place in public places like the museum or parks nearby, whereas the Toddler Time events will continue to be hosted at someone’s home.  On that note, we are looking for more moms to host, please contact us if you are interested in doing so!
Our yearly membership dues this year are $50 for 12 months of scheduled fun activities for you and your children plus amazing educational events that will include over $250 worth of FREE services for all of our members!!  Thats less than $1 a week, financial assistance is available for those who qualify.
We will continue to offer our 4 time pass for $10, and as always, your first visit to Free2Feed is ALWAYS FREE!!
If you are receiving this and believe in our mission, feel free to forward this email, copy & post it on your Facebook page or invite friends to come and check us out!
If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to LIKE US on Facebook!  While you are there, you can “subscribe” to our events so that as each one is created you will automatically be invited, this is a great way to not miss out on anything that is up and coming!
Your Free2Feed Staff

Breastfeeding Class

Sound Start is now offering monthly educational breastfeeding classes.  The locations vary throughout our community, so check out their facebook page for times and locations.

Are you pregnant and would like to breastfeed? Maybe its not your first birth, but breastfeeding the first one was a bit bumpy? Come join us as we host a breastfeeding educational class. Being well educated on this subject is the key to a successful breastfeeding journey.

The topics covered will include:

1. Risks of not breastfeeding
2. Anatomy & Physiology of breastfeeding
3. Position & latch
4. Getting enough milk
5. The breastfeeding plan
6. Common concerns
7. Pump & equipment
8. Returning back to work/school
9. Maternal nutrition
10. Myths of breastfeeding
11. Support systems
12. Resources


Close UPThis class will be taught by a Certified Lactation Education Counselor, on Saturday, April 16th, 2016.  It is open to the public and partners are encouraged to attend. You’ll want to bring a drink, snack and notepad.

2 Hour Class
$25 Pre-register (includes mom & support partner)

$30 at the door


Colds & Flus: Natural Remedies & Prevention

This past Monday, Free2Feed had an excellent educational class on “Colds & Flus: Natural Remedies and Preventions”.  Our guest speaker did a fabulous job of addressing many aspects and our members had fantastic questions!  A FREE $20 Colic tincture was given away to a participating member and we also offered FREE lunch to those who attended.

Below is the link to the information that was given.  We look forward to seeing you all at our future upcoming events!




F2F in Mesquite is CLOSED

As of September 2015,  this location is currently unavailable.  We are so thankful to both of these amazing leading ladies for all that they did for the few months that we were able to support and encourage mothers in the Mesquite, Bunkerville and Beaver Dam area.

If there is anyone in this region that has an interest to lead and facilitate a weekly gathering please email us at free2feedstg@gmail.com




Free2Feed’s 5K “The Breast Run Ever”

Free2Feed will be hosting a 5K “The Breast Run Ever” will be happening this Spring, 2016 at Crosby Family Confluence Park on S. Convention Rd. Please contact us for tickets 435-231-2111 or email us at free2feedstg@gmail.com. 

$35 per ticket (includes event shirt) $25 youth ticket ages 10-15 and all kids under 10 are FREE!! All participants will receive a raffle ticket for our grand prize and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive an award.  Every participant will receive a gift!

Registration is at 7:30am race begins at 9:00am.

More details to follow.


Updates 2.25.2015






We are so excited for our two new support locations!

Free2Feed of Hurricane meets at the Public Library every Friday from 11:00-1:00.  This gathering is led by 3 Lactation Leaders, Samantha Sadlier, Desiree Irvine and Brenda Fischer.  They enjoy social hour with Mommy & Tot time until 11:45 and then break into a topic discussion around Noon until 1:00.  Starting February 27th, F2F of Hurricane will be hosting a 4 week series titled “The Little Picky Eater”- helping moms understand why their toddler won’t eat anything or develops a taste for only 4 items and refuses anything else.  Guest speakers will help us understand why this happens and how we can avoid it for the following child.  There is hope!

Free2Feed of Mesquite meets at the Bunkerville Community Center in Bunkerville, NV every Wednesday from 9:30-11:30.  This gathering is led by 2 Lactation Leaders, Trish Olsen and Ashley Manson.  They will be focusing on the “Magical Hour” talks about the importance of the first 60 minutes after birth and how important it is for the success of your breastfeeding journey.

Free2Feed of St. George is meeting every Monday from 9:30-11:30 at Luther Hall, 244 S. Valley View Dr. in St. George.  This group has several Lactation Leaders, Aditi Aromi, Sarah Clark, Tori Fotheringham, Katie Johnson, Danalee Dial & Katherine Spelta.

Thank you for spreading the word about Free2Feed.   There is support for all mothers here in our community.  We offer education on nutrition, health, exercise, and we give freely support to every woman during all of the stepping stones of her motherhood journey.

Free2Feed begins with Breastfeeding support and then goes way beyond it.  Come join us, its a place to belong the first few years of Motherhood!



Baby Stuff Swap Day- Fall 2014

imageWe had a great turn out at our first annual Baby Stuff Swap Day!  Several moms brought in gently used baby items such as clothing & toys for kids ages birth to preschool.  We were able to swap and give a way a large portion of what came in and it all benefitted the Hope Center!

We plan to hold this event in the Spring of 2015 again and hope to offer it twice a year to help moms in our community.

Breastfeeding Laws in Utah

On Monday September 22nd we had a concerned mom talk about her struggle to pump during her 12 hour work shift without getting slack for it.  Below is some info that we were able to find hoping to help.

Here is their website. There are a lot of good links there: http://www.utahbreastfeeding.org/

I also found some other information to support pumping mothers at work. http://www.ncsl.org/research/health/breastfeeding-state-laws.aspx
The law states:
“Among many provisions, Section 4207 of the law amends the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 (29 U.S. Code 207) to require an employer to provide reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for one year after the child’s birth each time such employee has need to express milk.” 
I’m not sure if this will be of help to her since Luke is nearing a year, but she needs to have a good conversation with her supervisor about her needs and she needs to discuss how the benefits of nursing past a year. The World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF recomend that moms breastfeed forat least 2 years and practice baby led weaning. I can help her locate these articles/research on breastfeeding past a year if she needs help. I think it would help her greatly to come armed with these documents when speaking to her supervisor.
How uncomfortable to not be able to pump every 3 hours! How can a woman focus on helping other women when her breasts are engorged?  Here is an article on how to talk to your employer about nursing breaks:

Updates 8.20.14

Blog PostcardHello Ladies!
Tomorrow on Wednesday August 20th  we plan on having a discussion about “Menstrual Cups” led by Teisha Hinton with doTERRA.  We look forward to having anyone who is interested in learning more or sharing what they know about this alternative to tampons.
Also, this coming Saturday is Free2Feeds “End of Summer Pool Party”!!  Robyn Lamoreaux will be demonstrating an infant swim technique so please come and join us!  I will need an RSVP by this Thursday August 21st- all family members are welcomed, lunch will be provided simply bring a dish to share!
A special thanks to Dayna Player Robinson for a great turn out at our “Bra Talk” last week at Free2Feed!  We welcome Megan Smith as one of our new Moms 🙂
And has everyone heard about Javlan Animal Park??  A Zoo, yes here in St. George!!  We need your help to get it here so you’ll be hearing about this too at F2F!
Hugs to all the new babies and looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow at 11:30am.